Mission and Vision statements

1. Fast and efficient results by offering Short Solution Focused coaching trajectories:

Sabine chooses to work though empowering Solution Focused Coaching, because it envisions good practical results in a relatively short time. As a rule, what works for the coachee is nurtured and empowered; and all mechanisms that hinder good functioning are gradually replaced by better skills. 

2. Making the sessions pleasant and inspiring by using creative ways of working together: 

Sabine prefers and uses a creative way of working with the clients/teams, in accordance with everybody’s (working)‘world’ and - culture. The purpose being that insights and skills are being acquired not just with rational knowledge, but also through experiencing and feeling. At the same time, these methods make the coaching session, workshop, or training also fun and inspiring.

3. As an MD. supporting/equipping other MD’s in their difficult task: 

Because Dr. De Weirdt has worked with patients herself during more than 20 years; and because she still spends a lot of time with family physicians everywhere through her current work as a trainer, she understands the physician’s world very well. This knowing-through-experience is vital for efficient coaching. 
Sabine believes that MDs and their teams (and families) must receive adequate and professional support in order to enable them to continue their demanding life time task. She is happy to provide this support whether it’s personal, or in a team; expanding vision, or just plain practical; at home, or in the work place.

4. Supporting other women to successfully realize their unique goals in life: 

Sabine has ample experience with guiding women of all ages and cultures during the different stages in life. Women fulfill important roles in society, and it is very important that they receive the right empowerment and support. Sabine considers it a privilege to be able to do this!

5. Transmitting useful insight and skills to the next generation:

It may be difficult for young people to find their own way in our complex modern society. Many are looking for meaning and purpose in life.
Many years of dealing with searching students and young professionals have taught Sabine that it is an important task for her own generation to actively share insights and life skills with the next one! She herself is dedicated to taking up her role as a coach, supporter, and role model for the young whenever she has the opportunity!

6. Using medical knowledge for better quality care: 

Because of her medical background, Dr. De Weirdt quickly realizes when a coachee needs extra (medical) care. In that case, she sometimes has to refer the client to a more specialized center. This ability definitely allows better quality care. 

7. Mutal respect, trust, and involvement for best results:

Sabine works with honest concern and involvement in the life of her client. She strives for mutual trust during the whole process, and guaranties discretion. She is willing to help every person, expecting that clients are honest and willing to work toward necessary change to the best of their abilities.