A better and more efficient personal performance, and a more pleasant collaboration within your team.

Every workshop takes at least three hours, at your work site, or at the training location in Antwerp.

Services are being offered in Dutch, English and Spanish

Workshops available
  • Defining your vision and mission statement in a fast way.
  • Handling resistances and conflict correctly.
  • Basic principles of communication.
  • Compassionate and value-based communication for excellent (business)relationships
  • Giving acceptable and useful feedback – and how to receive it yourself.
  • How to talk about difficult issues with your colleague(s)?
  • Principles and techniques for correct and efficient communication at the front desk
  • Bargaining during/for conflictmanagement.
  • Defining, communicating, and guarding your personal limits.
  • Working together in a pleasant way, in spite of big differences in personal (social) style.
  • “Away with daily frustrations on the work floor”: applying Ofman.
  • Useful and inspiring evaluations for your employees.
  • General stress management
  • Time management (for Physicians)
  • Principles of organizing
  • Making meetings pleasant and efficient
  • Tools to successfully work on quality projects
  • The most important things to remember when training students in your family practice.