Do you experience difficulties with studying, or during work?
 Not sure which career to take for the future?  
 Does relating to your partner, colleagues, or other people become increasingly difficult for you? 
 Tense? Sleeping problems? Bad eating habits? Mood changes that hinder pleasant daily    relationships? 
 Is everything going wrong with your significant other?
 Or with your friends/colleagues at work?                       
 Time for (total) healing after a life crisis event? ...


Let’s talk about it!

Doctor De Weirdt has seen, and experienced a lot in life herself. With her you will feel truly listened to. She will fully support you, and you can count on honest and decent professional advice!

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Together we will find the solution for you! 

Sabine specializes in solution focused therapy/coaching, which enhances personal growth and development; connected or not to a team work setting. We empower what works well for you. But what hinders your progress, must be replaced by a better personal coping mechanism. We guide you step by step to find this better strategy, and to reach your personal goals!

Services are being offered in Dutch, English and Spanish