Introducing Sabine

Sabine De Weirdt was born in Ghent, Belgium. She spent much of her youth in Kortrijk. Sabine graduated as a Medical Doctor from the Catholic University in Louvain, and obtained a Second Bachelor in Bible and Theology from the ICI-University in Texas, USA. She received her certificate as a Life-Coach from the Business School in Antwerp, Belgium.

As an M.D., Sabine has worked a number of years in Belgium before going oversees to work in medical projects to help the very poor peasants in de inland of South America (Bolivia). She acquired experience as a tropical doctor, but also as a project manager, and an international fundraiser; as well as trainer and mentor of the families and teams that worked with her.

At her return to Belgium, Sabine wanted to continue with her experience as an organizer, coach and mentor in health care work, and obtained an extra diploma as a certified Life-Coach. It was her strong conviction that she could best serve the health care system in Belgium by being a supportive coach for health care workers and all who needed her with her unique expertise.

Dr. De Weirdt has a lot of experience with women in their different phases of life, as well; and she cares a lot for young people who are still looking for answers and for their own individual path in life.

Sabine is part of a coaching network for M.D.’s, called ECHTT (www.echtt.be) in collaboration with DOMUS MEDICA (www.domusmedica.be)

She is a board member of the Interuniversity Center for Training of Family Physicians (www.icho.be) which is the executive arm of the universities’ Master after Master program for training of new family physicians in Flanders.

Sabine also helps the University of Ghent working out an efficient support program for practice trainers of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine (www.ugent.be)

As a coach and trainer, she has also worked for Optima Facto (www.optimafacto.com)